+18 Mods

The following mods are intended for mature game play above the teen status game rating.

1.) Alternate Pregnancy Controller by Chris Hatch

Enabled prostitution from either a Sim home or community lot/Brothel. Your sim is either the prostitute and can sell services to visitors or another Sim can be invited to your home as a prostitute and can buy services. Starting price is at $200 but can be adjusted once activated. The prostitute’s clientele can be set to accept one or all genders.

For OFB Users: There is no Prostitute option in OFB so when you’ve assigned a sim to be a prostitute it will appear that they have no assignment. On a business lot, you can assign an employee to a bed as a prostitute. Once assigned, all of the normal bed functions except “make bed” are disabled. Customers/clients can purchase a woohoo, the assigned prostitute or business owner/manager can sell a woohoo. If the owner/manager sells a woohoo, they sell the service of the assigned prostitude, they don’t service the client themselves. If a potential client doesn’t have enough money, the prostitute will tell the clients to “piss off” and the client will leave the lot. If your employee has a work outfit assigned, they will change into it at the end of each woohoo.

2.) Bathroom Uses You After Woohoo by Cyjon

If you have both bathroomusesyou and macrotastics from MATY, sims who fall asleep after woohoo will get the Use Bathroom command pushed on them. Because in Soviet Russia, bathroom uses you even after woohoo!

3.) Brothel Woohoo by Cyjon

Sims can now open a brothel and make money at the world’s oldest profession. Initiate Brothel Woohoo in one of the following ways:
1.) Like regular woohoo: relax in bed, ask a valid partner to join (see below), click on other person and select Brothel Woohoo.
2.) The new way: relax in bed, click on yourself, a menu appears showing all valid partners and fees, click on a name, wait for the person to come over. Brothel Woohoo will be initiated automatically

Brothel Woohoo is different from normal woohoo and will be available if all of the following are true:
– Lot has an open business (community or home business)
– One sim is a customer and the other is the business owner, a member of the owner’s family or an employee
– The sims both have an appropriate gender preference, aren’t blood relatives and have at least one bolt of chemistry.

4.) Naked Teen Hot Tub by Cyjon

Allows teens to get in the hot tub naked (if their personality is appropriate) and join other naked hot tubbers.

5.) No Hidden Woohoo by Cyjon

Visitors will no longer leave when residents have woohoo. The game temporarily hides people having woohoo. Starting in NL this is done by setting the “hidden” flag. This is the same flag used for sims who go to work or school, so it is an indicator the people aren’t actually present. Visitors look around, find no unhidden residents, and leave. This mod restores the pre-NL method of hiding woohooing sims, which just tells the game not to draw them.