So I Finally Did A Thing…

In 2019 I became determined to catalog all the mods for The Sims 2 that I could find… which was a lot. By the end of three months, I totaled a whopping number of 2,200 mods, which really wasn’t all that much all things considered, for how old the game is and how active the community is. I had hit a handful of classic websites like Cyjon but it had a lot of holes like Boiling Oil. It was very incomplete to say the least.

I ended up taking basically a year and a half hiatus simply because I was overwhelmed by the project of cataloging Sims 2 mods. I didn’t like how I had organized it and didn’t know how to reorganize it without making a bigger mess. Not to mention that all of this was being run on my personal blog/website which meant when I went to edit pages, it would be messy to find other content of mine non-sims.

Behind the scenes of what WordPress looks like to non-Wordpress users.

That is until today. Today I decided on how I was going to re-do my mod index but also thought, hey let’s make it an all inclusive website to include everything about The Sims 2. We can start with mods, custom content, tutorials/how to’s and even stories + challenges but who know where else we can go! The sky’s the limit! If it involves the Sims 2, let’s do it!

I’m going to start with just mods at the time so all the other pages will be incomplete at this time, I just want them there more as a reminder for me that “Hey missy!” (I get sassy with myself) “Don’t forget to someday create this!” Until then, thank you so much for stopping by, visiting and supporting along the way.


Sarah Smiles

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