5-10 Mod Updates

So my main goal is to do a little bit of work everyday onto this site. I’ll be documenting updates & change on here so you the viewer can follow along and stay up to date. Feel free to message me about any corrections or comments you have. I also have a TS2 Mod Discord which you can join here. I’ll be making sure that all mods on here also get listed on there and vice versa. My goal is for it to also to become an active place to chat about all mods for the Sims 2.

So for Monday May 10th, 2021 I added all of Boiling Oil’s mods & Chris Hatch mods that I could find to the Mods by Creator category. I slowly started to add two of Chris Hatch mods to the Mods by Category but I find some of the actual download links confusing. I am going into a handful of the files themselves to better understand how the mod works but I mostly am reading the info package that comes with the file first. This means very slow progress on actually listing mods by category but I’ll eventually get there. My goal for this week is to list all of Boiling Oil & Chris Hatch mods thoroughly and if needed, test them out. At 122 Mods combined, that is a big piece of steak to swallow.

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