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6-26 Update

I finished adding all 79 of Boiling Oil’s mods earlier this week and the last couple of days I’ve trudged through and categorized 55 of the 348 mods by Cyjon. I have to say I feel really good about that. I wanted to get to a 100 mods of Cyjon but honestly I am pretty happy to just have made 50% of my goal. Often times I set up unrealistic expectations for myself and that was probably one of them. I’ll have time later next week to try and add even more, maybe even a handful more this weekend. Adding Cyjon’s mods brings the mod total count to 470~! 😱

There are still thousands of mods to add, the goal is a min of 5,000 before I will start working on other categories on this website but all the same. I am undecided which creator to add next, wither to go for MTS, Tumblr, or more old school ones like Simbology & InSiminator. You can always let me know in the comments below if there’s a specific creator you’d like me to categorize first after finish adding Cyjon’s mods. Anyway that’s all I wanted to add for tonight, I’ll ttyl!



6-13 Update

So… my main excuse is that I was moving so for two weeks there was very little progress but that doesn’t explain for the month of May which is simply… I got distracted. I have absolutely no good reason for not making the progress on this website like I wanted to. I have been slowly finishing up adding all of Boiling Oil’s mods to the mods by Category & posting them on my TS2 Mod Resource Discord and as of tonight only have around 15 of the 79 mods of his. Chris Hatch mods are very difficult for me to organize but I was able to go through some of them. At some point I do want to go through a more through examination of his mods and how they work, which files to tell you to download because the way they are uploaded are totally disorganized. That is going to be a huge project for another time months from now, maybe at the end of the year.

Coming up next after that will be listing all of Cyjon’s mods. In theory that shouldn’t be too hard as he already has a page of every mod listed in text that I can just copy and paste. The hard part is that he has 348 mods! Yeah. Yikes. If I thought 79 mods took awhile, that will take even longer. The goal is the rest of June and possibly July to finish those. But that is the plan. I appreciate those who stick around and enjoy the site/resources.

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