6-26 Update

I finished adding all 79 of Boiling Oil’s mods earlier this week and the last couple of days I’ve trudged through and categorized 55 of the 348 mods by Cyjon. I have to say I feel really good about that. I wanted to get to a 100 mods of Cyjon but honestly I am pretty happy to just have made 50% of my goal. Often times I set up unrealistic expectations for myself and that was probably one of them. I’ll have time later next week to try and add even more, maybe even a handful more this weekend. Adding Cyjon’s mods brings the mod total count to 470~! 😱

There are still thousands of mods to add, the goal is a min of 5,000 before I will start working on other categories on this website but all the same. I am undecided which creator to add next, wither to go for MTS, Tumblr, or more old school ones like Simbology & InSiminator. You can always let me know in the comments below if there’s a specific creator you’d like me to categorize first after finish adding Cyjon’s mods. Anyway that’s all I wanted to add for tonight, I’ll ttyl!



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