8-7-21 Update

Well, it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve posted an update hasn’t it? That doesn’t mean I haven’t been here, I’ve just been working very behind the scenes. For instance I now have 119 pages for this website alone and it’s only the tip of the ice burg of what’s to come.

I’ve finally finished organizing all 347 mods from Cyjon into the Mods by Category area. I didn’t include some adult to teen interaction mods because as a 34 year old woman, that does make me uncomfortable at the idea of the um.. certain clientele that would misuse such mods. That’s not to say that Cyjon intended for those types of romantic interactions to be exploited but I myself don’t want to contribute to the possibility. The rational side does realize that aging in the Sims 2 is very tricky at best with mods let alone how out of sync it can get without mods but I digress. I rather have my Sims wait a week when one of their teenage sweethearts ages up sooner than they do than accidentally see ACR in my game unfold on a community lot with two unmatched aged townies or NPC’s in the background going at it. Just… yeah… The teen/adult romantic interaction mods are still available on Cyjon’s website if that is a route you’d like to pursue.

So what now then? My goal is to stick to the older mods for the moment before moving on to the many current/active creators such as Lazy Duchess or Nopke on MTS to literally only name two. There are new mods being uploaded literally almost every single day and while that is chef kiss wonderful, I want to be able to actually keep up with their releases and announce them on here. It just feels respectful to honor the classics and OG Simmers first especially since it’s important to make sure that none of their information gets lost or even how their mods work first hand.

I was torn between MATY & Sim Logical. I love both but it was requested that I start with MATY. I am probably going to make a lot of mistakes with them so their progress will definitely be slow. Please do not hesitate to correct me either via the Contact Page or through any of my other social media’s including Discord. Pescado’s mods are obviously first and yeah… thanks for tuning in! I’m still very much enjoying this process even if it is a long one.


Sarah Smiles

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