8-17-21 Update

Another update so soon? What’s going on??

Well I’ve been very active here on the blog, again always behind the scenes. I usually almost always talk about what’s going on in the Discord. Yesterday I decided to transfer MATY to Google Docs which you can view here and looks like this when you open it.

Also something I started in July was playing custom neighborhoods. I want to review them for my YouTube channel but keep getting distracted with other plans. So in the mean time I figured, I could cover them on the blog until I’m more organized and ready. You can view this on the Custom Content area portion of the website. There will be several dozen posts coming forward covering the neighborhood Meadow Lawns by Cwykes so if you see a lot of activity on this blog, it’s to do with that. I figured turning those into blog posts instead of pages would be easier for people to find by tags.

I don’t have a ton of other custom content coming to the blog just yet, just a couple of custom neighborhoods for the time being. The mods area is still my primary focus for the time being. Anyway I hope you enjoy and will see you all around soon!


Sarah Smiles

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