The Goossens Household

This elderly gent is making romantic advances to every sim he meets. Was he always like that or is it his age?

He wants to raise his chances of success by buying some new custom made clothes and getting fit! He did the best he could at the local shop, but he needs a bigger selection….

Jan Goossens- Willow Ln 11


Sims In Household: 1
The Week Household Starts: Sunday 10:55 AM
Personal Bio: Jan is desperate for Romance – he is happy about the influx of people and money into Meadow Lawns and is hoping he will finally get lucky after all these years! Jan wants to be out there doing things, meeting people and playing around. He wanted to be a famous chef, but there were no restaurants in Meadow Lawns and he didn’t have the money to leave. What goal will he set himself now he is an elder?
Aspiration: Romance
Wants Locked: Get Fit
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Job: Employee at the Glades Plot 12 Works 9 AM to 5PM
Badges: Gold Sales Badge
Romantic Relationships: None
Friends: None

Neat: 3Outgoing: 6Active: 7Playful: 6Nice: 3




Sims In Household: 1
Lot Worth: $13,519
Available Funds: $520
Bedrooms: 1
Bathroom: 1

Family Tree


One comment

  • Sometimes when you get old, you just don’t care what people think, so he’s liberated to do what he wants to do! Not likely to get the kind of attention he’s looking for, but he’s getting out there, and his charisma skill is impressive.


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