The Green Household

Ellen sacrificed herself to raise her daughter alone on the edge of town in a ramshackle hut. Now that her daughter has left home, she would like to make some money and buy some nice things. But, Ellen feels a strong sense of duty towards her feckless daughter and her growing brood of children. If Ellen doesn’t take a hand, they are going to grow up lazy like their mother and slobby like their good for nothing father .

– The Green Household via Willow Ln 1


Sims In Household: 1
The Week Household Starts: Monday 8:08 AM
Personal Bio: Ellen sacrificed everything to raise her daughter and missed out on all the things she really wanted in life. She’d like to open her own business and make some money, but her daughter has young children and Ellen wants those kids raised right! Their mother doesn’t know the meaning of neat and is bone lazy according to Ellen. Will Ellen spend time with her grandchildren or pursue her fortune aspiration?
Aspiration: Fortune
Wants Locked: None
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Job: Employee at Jack’s Flowers
Badges: Silver Flower Arranging & Bronze Restocking
Romantic Relationships: None
Friends: Belinda Green, Phil Green, Cheryl Green, Billy Green, Diana Green, Susan Jackman, Vera Jackman, John Jenkins,

Neat: 9Outgoing: 7Active: 7Playful: 1Nice: 1




Sims In Household: 1
Lot Worth: $12,324
Available Funds: $1,404
Bedrooms: 0
Bathroom: 1/2

Family Tree

Daughter: Belinda Green
Son In Law: Phil Green
Grandchildren: Cheryl Green, Billy Green, Diana Green, Johnny Green, Dion Green, Celine Green

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