The Whitaker Household

“This used to be a nice neighborhood, but I don’t like the way it’s growing. Too many new shops springing up. I’ve got a job over at one of places the rich people visit and the pay is good, but I’d rather be playing chess with my friend Adam or home learning new things. My brother just died and I don’t suppose I’m long for this world, but I hope I see his ghost before I die!”

The Whitaker Household Via Willow Ln 3


Sims In Household: 1
The Week Household Starts: Tuesday 8:24 PM
Personal Bio: Job loves learning things – he’s a real expert in things mechanical. He’s very active for his age, but has let his weight get a bit out of control. Let’s hope that doesn’t help him to an early grave. Job always wanted to be a researcher – one of those mad scientist types, but he actually works as a cashier at Jack’s statue yard. He is rather shy and all those people are too much for him. He likes cleaning and is good at it too, so he’d quite like to quit and find a job as a caretaker.
Aspiration: Knowledge
Wants Locked: To See A Ghost
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Job: Employee at Jack’s Statue Yard 9 AM to 5 PM
Badges: Gold Cashering
Romantic Relationships: None
Friends: George Jackman, Adam Jackman, Donald Livesey, Joan Livesey, Werner Schmidt

Neat: 9Outgoing: 1Active: 9Playful: 2Nice: 4




Lot Worth: $14,930
Available Funds: $467
Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 1

Family Tree

Siblings: Seth Whitaker (deceased) – Brother

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