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Willow Ln 14

Willow Ln 14 is an occupied lot by the The Wouter Sisters

Lot Cost: $14,946
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1

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The Wouters

The Wouters sisters haven’t had much success in life and are hoping for a new start in Meadow Lawns rather than a lack-lustre ending. Adelheid would like to be mayor and loves parties – she’s enjoying meeting lots of new people in Meadow Lawns. Birgitta is shy and doesn’t get out much. She really wanted children and thinks about adopting to Adelheid’s dismay. “We’re too old for all that!”

– The Wouter Sisters via Willow Ln 14
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The Caretaker Household

Elijah Caretaker has never achieved anything much in his life and doesn’t really expect to now. He’s the one who ends up looking after the whole building when the other terraced homes are unlet and he’s getting on a bit! The garden is already a bit much and he’s worried about climate change!
Claude is a retired police inspector and still very much in love with his wife Reine. Their family is grown and gone.
The third terraced house is unoccupied at the moment.

– The Caretaker Household via Jubilee Gardens 1-3
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