The Fuller Household

Germaine Fuller always wanted to be mother and an artist, but life didn’t work out that way. She’d really like to adopt a child and paint a masterpiece or two.

The other 3 flats are empty since Emily Cowper got married and moved out. Germaine would like some company.

Germaine Fuller- Jubilee Gardens 12- 16


Sims In Household: 1
The Week Household Starts: Thursday, 6:56 PM

Germaine Fuller

Personal Bio: Germaine Fuller wanted to be an artist and a mother, but life didn’t work out like that. Now she is retired, she doesn’t feel obliged to fit the skinny, dressed for success sterotype and is very happy in her oldest jeans painting whatever she feels like. She would still like to meet somebody special and wonders about fulfillng those maternal urges by adopting. She has toyed with the idea of writing a best seller about the female sims, love and diet called “noinstantlove” She is a fun-loving Sim and enjoys people around her. She’s going to miss the girl from the flat upstairs – Emily Cowper – who recently moved over the water to get married. She has no intention of doing anyone else’s gardening!
Aspiration: Family
Wants Locked: Gain a skill point
Zodiac Sign: Tarus
Job: Unemployed
Badges: None
Romantic Relationships: None
Friends: 4

Neat: 3Outgoing: 5Active: 3Playful: 10Nice: 4




Lot Worth: $
Available Funds: $14,052
Bedrooms: 1
Bathroom: 1

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