The Green Household

Cheryl is nearly grown up and has just got her first job in law enforcement. She is in charge of her brothers and sisters for the moment as her dad is in the army and her mum has gone to visit him. Cheryl is struggling to keep the family afloat. Fortunately her gran Ellen is helping out.

Cheryl really needs to go to work as they are struggling to make ends meet. Without her pitiful salary, they live in dread of another visit from the Repo man.

The Green Household via Church Ln 3


Sims In Household: 6
The Week Household Starts: Tuesday, 2:34PM

Cheryl Green

Personal Bio: N/A
Aspiration: Family
Wants Locked: Fall In Love
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Job: School Crossing Guard Lv 1
Badges: N/A
Romantic Relationships: Philip Jackman
Friends: 7

Neat: 6Outgoing: 7Active: 9Playful: 6Nice: 10




Lot Worth: $14,741
Available Funds: $32
Bedrooms: 1
Bathroom: 1

Family Tree

Grandmother: Ellen Green
Parents: Phil & Belinda Green
Children: Cheryl, Billy, Diana, Johnny and twins Celine & Dion

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