Aging Mods

1.) No Birthday/College Warnings by Boiling Oil

  • No Birthday Warnings: Stops the Birthday reminders, but keeps the College reminders.
  • No College Warnings: Stops the College reminders, but keeps the Birthday reminders.
  • No BnC Warnings: Stops all of it!

2.) Slow Aging by Boiling Oil

Slows will only age up one day every Sunday, but not on other days. There are three versions of this mod
1- Slow Aging: works for all sims except babies.
2- Slow Aging for adults: only affects adults (the fertile life span of simmies). Elders still age every day, as do Toddlers, Children and Teenagers.
3- Slow Aging for Witches: special for people who think if Zombies, Vampires and Servos can live forever, Witches (who use magic after all) would have ways to magically extend their life by a factor 7 at least! This therefor only works on witches/warlocks. Adults and Elders only!

3.) Slow Aging Controller by Boiling Oil

This is an advanced mod but is very interesting. It combines three mods from three different creators into one but also a more customizable way to control the way your Sims age individually. There are instructions to where you can manually preset with SimPE your default settings before you load your game which can not only be set by age group IE: toddlers, children, teens, etc but type IE: Supernaturals like Werewolves, werewolves and witches.

By default the settings are:
– Adults & teens age normally
– Adults & Elders Werewolves age three times a week
– Adult & Elder Plantsim age twice a week
– Adult & Elder Witches age once a week.

Please note that the aging menu is NOT available for Young Adults, Pets, Visitors, Employees, NPCs, Servos, Vampires or Zombies.

4.) 8-Day Teens by Cyjon

Changes the teen lifespan from 15 days to 8 days. Won’t affect existing teens, only new teens.

5.) No Townie Aging by Cyjon

Suppresses the dialog that allows you to age townies.