Alien Mods

1.) Alien Experiments by Boiling Oil

A mod that now expands adds a variety of different scenario’s of what can happen to your Sim when he or she becomes pregnant. They can now not only become pregnant but there is a chance of the following:
– Becoming a supernatural such as a witch/warlock, platsim, vampire, werewolf or Zombie.
– If they are already a supernatural they run the risk of being cured of these afflictions.
– Have their gender preferences & personalities reversed w/possible skill loss.
– Have nothing happen
And more.

2.) Aliena Impregnata by Boiling Oil

Add a new/extra PT alien donor to your game. It can be a default or an extra according to your preference.

3.) Multi-PT #4 & 8 by Boiling Oil

Another multi-pt alien mod. This one is tunable so you can select what gender of Alien will impregnate your abducted sims. You need to have the Alien Experiments mod by Boiling Oil listed above for this to work.

4.) Multi-PT Set Tyronean Fleet by Boiling Oil

Seven extra purple PT’s for your game. A female default replacement & Multi-PT #8 from the mod listed above.

5.) More Abductions by Cyjon

Makes abduction when stargazing 4x as likely. Under the original abduction code it takes an average of 180 hours of stargazing to get abducted. With this mod that average is cut to 45.5 hours which is achievable if you really want it. Don’t use this mod if you have FreeTime since that EP already includes the ability to increase your abduction chances. “Search For Constellations” gives the same abduction chance as this mod and the other interactions (Planets, UFOs, Summon Aliens) give higher chances.

6.) No Alien Pregnancy by Cyjon

Sims can still be abducted but will not return pregnant, regardless of gender.

7.) No Alien Sexism by Cyjon

Allows both female and male abductees to get pregnant from alien probing.