Art & Painting Mods

1.) Command Queue Tweaks by Cyjon

Adjusts the command queue locations of re-issued commands like “Scrap Painting”. “Scrap Painting” is handled by the easel. If you issue it by clicking on the painting, then the painting hands off the command to the easel. However the new command is placed at the end of the queue, which is annoying if you have stacked other commands. This mod will cause the re-issued command to be placed at the front of the list so it will be processed immediately. As far as I know, this is the only command this mod currently has.

2.) No Auto View Art by Cyjon

Sims no longer autonomously view art objects including paintings, sculptures, deeds, sim-painted canvases and sim-drawn schematics.

3.) Scrap Named Painting by Cyjon

Changes the easel menu so instead of saying “Scrap Painting” it says, for example, “Scrap Vidcund’s Painting”. If a painting shows the old “Scrap Painting” command, it means it doesn’t have a valid owner anymore. This typically happens if the owner moves out or if the easel is moved from one household to another through inventory.