Aspiration Mods

1.) Reward Catalog by Boiling Oil

Collectively dump an entire household’s worth of already earned aspiration benefits into this notebook so when you want to use it, a single Sim can withdraw as little or much as they like. Originally by Monique, link below, but with some changes you can read in the link.

2.) Family Aspiration Points by Monique

This allows sharing of aspiration reward points to members of the family. This object will act as a storage of aspiration points for your sims. Members can deposit their aspiration points so that other members can withdraw it.

3.) Aspiration By Use by Cyjon

Aspiration objects are free to buy and instead drain aspiration when a sim actually uses them.

4.) Better Love Tub by Cyjon

Makes the love tub aspiration object act as a love potion. The existing love tub is pretty useless. It doesn’t do much to increase access to romantic actions. This mod gives both sims the chemistry boost of a love potion, and eliminates the need for crush or love. You won’t see the chemistry boost reflected in the number of bolts, but all actions in the love tub are much easier with this mod.

5.) Easy Hydroponics by Cyjon

Plants in the hydroponic garden (Slacker career reward) will no longer die from neglect.

6.) Education Bookcase Fix by Cyjon

Sims studying skills from the Education bookcase will stick with the activity longer. The Education bookcase allows studying additional skills (Creativity, etc.) which aren’t available to normal bookcases. EA forgot to update the Education bookcase to consider those skills as skills, so the game will consider these studies to be fun activities which makes it hard to keep sims from quitting if motives get a little low

7.) Fragile Permaplat by Cyjon

Every hour, during aspiration decay, this mod examines playable sims on the lot. If a permaplat sim is brought below platinum status by having major Fears realized, this mod will remove permaplat status and display a message to inform the player. In this new version, permaplat WILL be lost if the sim’s Lifetime Aspiration (from Freetime) is maxed out. The mod also reduces LTA points to prevent permaplat from immediately recurring. Each age band has wider aspiration bands than the ones before, so it’s harder to break permaplat in older sims. Elders cannot be driven out of permaplat by any single Fear I know of, though experiencing a major Fear followed by a minor Fear can be enough to break them. Adults can be broken by any of the 5,000-point Fears such as death of a loved one. Children and teens who manage to get permaplat, typically through wishing for Peace of Mind with the genie lamp, can be broken by smaller fears, though I’m unsure of the actual minimum value.

8.) Free Time LTW Fixes by Cyjon

Changes some of the aspiration categories for lifetime wants that apply to the new careers in FreeTime.
– Architecture – Knowledge, Family
– Dance – Popularity, Romance
– Entertainment – Popularity, Wealth
– Intelligence – Knowledge, Wealth (no change)
– Oceanography – Knowledge, Wealth (no change)

9.) Grilled Cheese Love Cooking Channel by Cyjon

The favorite channel for grilled cheese sims will be the Yummy Channel regardless of age.

10.) LTA Platinum Fix by Cyjon

Causes aspiration bar to fill immediately when earning permaplat status for a full LTA bar. This mod is necessary only if you are using Fragile Permaplat without also using Slower LTA Gain.

11.) Money Tree Watering Fix by Cyjon

Fixes bug where money tree water supply was not correctly updated when watered by servos or NPCs.

12.) No Community Stock Market by Cyjon

Sims who have the Investing aspiration benefit will no longer get stock market results while on community lots.

13.) No Work Hats by Cyjon

Sims will automatically take off the Noodlesoother, Cool Shades and Thinking Cap before going to work or school.

14.) Partial Financial Advice by Cyjon

Sims offering financial advice on the computer will be paid for the partial hour if the command is canceled.

15.) Personalit-O-Nomitron by Cyjon

Allows you to use aspiration points to change a sim’s personality. This device, found under Electronics/Miscellaneous* for $1, looks like the Resurrect-O-Nomitron. When you click on it you get up to three menus: Increase, Decrease and Restore. Increase allows you to increase a personality point for 30,000 aspiration points. Decrease allows you to lower a personality characteristic for the same cost. Restore replaces a personality point lost to zombification, lycanthropy, the SimVac, or any other means. Restore costs 15,000 aspiration points. These changes are instantaneous. The device works in whole personality points whenever possible but in cases where it needs to change a partial point (due to lycanthropy personality changes or Encourage actions) it will take a proportionate number of aspiration points.

16.) Safe Hats by Cyjon

If the selected sim has aspiration below gold, there will be no option to wear the Thinking Cap or Noodlesoother.

17.) Slower LTA Gain by Cyjon

Significantly slows and balances the gain of Lifetime Aspiration (LTA) points. Babies don’t get LTA points because they don’t have aspiration levels. Young Adults don’t get LTA points because college is WAY to long compared to the rest of the sim lifetime and it was too hard to balance both. LTA points scale with age duration. So if you are using a mod that changes age length, like 8-Day Teens, the hourly LTA rate will adjust so sims will receive roughly the same number of LTA points over a lifetime as a sim using the default age lengths. Under this system it is effectively impossible to max out LTA before becoming an adult, or even early in the adult phase. When LTA platinum is reached, it will usually be by elders.