Baby Mods


1.) No Baby Stalking by Cyjon

Total strangers will no longer break into your home in the middle of the night to witness the birth of your baby.


1.) Baby Hair With Bow by Chris Hatch

Just a default replacement that enables your babies to come with hair.. and a bow.

2.) Buy Baby Outfits by Chris Hatch

Allows you to customize dressing babies in various outfits. This comes with several outfits but can be used with other baby CC outfits.

3.) No Lecture Baby by Boiling Oil

When a baby soils their diaper, other sims (babies and toddlers excluded) will respond like they would with a smelly Toddler: they react only to the smell, but they will not lecture anyone.


1.) Feed Baby Extra by Chris Hatch

Breastfeeding for both females and male Sims.

2.) Bottomless Bottle by Boiling Oil

Never spoils, never empties and only costs a dollar. Conflicts with Inge Jones of SimLogical‘s Bottomless Bottle. This is a smaller file size plus costs less.

3.) Butler Is Not A Nanny by Boiling Oil

Three different versions. One will simply stop autonomously cooking meals, the other to just simply stop feeding babies and the third will stop meddling with babies, toddlers and children all together.

4.) Children Get Bottles by Boiling Oil

Let’s Children get bottles from the fridge and feed toddlers. However: this ONLY works for all the Maxis fridges.

5.) Feed Baby by Boiling Oil

A modified version of Squinge’s Nurse Babies mod. Comes in three versions.
1- SQ-fixed: Squinge’s original, but fixes the autonomy and endless loop.
2- Non-Auto: Same as above, but includes a fix to suppress autonomous bottle-feeding of babies when a living female parent (mommy) is present on the lot. Of course, if mommy is absent (or dead) or the child has no female parents, then autonomous bottle-feeding will occur normally. See notes in link.
3- Special: Allows autonomous breast-feeding, but no more often than bottle-feeding would normally occur. Also includes the smart suppression of autonomous bottle-feeding as found in the non-auto version. See notes in link.

6.) Feed Baby Plug-ins by Boiling Oil

Plug ins for the Feed Baby mod listed above and only works with Non-Auto and Special version of the mod. Comes in three different plug ins.
1- Feed Baby – Nursemaids H-only: This plug-in allows any playable teen or adult who lives on the same lot and who has either a normal Baby Bottle, Inge Jones’ Simlogical Bottomless Baby Bottle, or the BO – Bottomless Bottle in their inventory, to breast-feed the baby. This includes father, brothers and sisters, servos… anyone of the correct age-groups who lives on the same lot!
2- Feed Baby – Nursemaids H&F: Does the same as the above, but ALSO allows visiting blood-relatives (Aunts, Uncles, teenage cousins, etc.) to breast-feed the baby, as long as they have one of those bottles in their inventory.
3- Feed Baby – Smart NPCs: This plug-in stops Butlers, Nannies and Servos from bottle-feeding your babies as long as there is anyone available who can breast-feed them. If you don’t use a Nursemaid plug-in, they will only register mommy as valid, but if you do use Nursemaids, those will also be recognized as long as they are present on the lot.

7.) Less Feed Baby by Boiling Oil

In the unmodded game, sims will bottle-feed babies as soon as the baby’s hunger level falls below 50 on a scale of -100..100. Changes the number to -20.