Boiling Oil

Website: Leefish
Number of Mods Listed: 79
Active Status: Active*
*1 He has made several posts in late 2021 that I would personally consider as active on Leefish.
Requests: Closed*
*2 As of this post in 2016, Boiling Oil has listed that his requests are as of then, closed. I have found no update to indicate otherwise. He is willing to update any mods of his that may break if needed.
Other Facts/Information About Boiling Oil: “Having started computing in the early ’80s, I familiarized myself with BASIC, Pascal, Forth, C, C++, 6502 and Z80 machine code and Z80 assembler. Got my first (2nd hand) PC in ’95, and learned DOS batch programming, enhanced with 4Dos.”- Listed on his About Page on LeeFish

Boiling Oil Mods

All the following are just links to the mods themselves, only mod descriptions can be found under Mods By Category. If I’ve missed any mods or if there are any broken links, please use my Contact Page to message me.

  1. Alien Experiments
  2. Aliena Impregnata
  3. Auto Cash Register
  4. Better or No Lost Friend Notifications
  5. Bottomless Bottle
  6. Butler Is Not A Nanny
  7. Children Get Bottles
  8. Curb All Auto Read To
  9. Customized Compost Bin
  10. Espresso For Visitors
  11. Feed Baby
  12. Feed Baby Plug-ins
  13. Food Dish Autonomy
  14. Get Leftovers Fix
  15. Ghost Busters
  16. Gnome Hack
  17. Immunity Controller
  18. Kids & Pets Unattended
  19. Landlords No Gardening
  20. Less Bust A Move
  21. Less Feed Baby
  22. Less Dance On Toes
  23. Less Jump Rope
  24. Less Stupid Play
  25. Less Toddler Annoyance
  26. Lower Fish Prices
  27. Moody Birds
  28. More Realistic Yields
  29. Multi-Key Dorm Doors
  30. Multi-PT #4 & 8
  31. Multi-PT Set Tyronean Fleet
  32. Music & Dance Fixes
  33. Names
  34. Need Freak
  35. No Animal Control
  36. No Auto Toddler Bathing
  37. No Birthday/College Warnings
  38. No Fresh Food
  39. No Lecherous Drama Professors
  40. No Lecture Baby
  41. No Met Self Memories
  42. No Naked Emitters
  43. No Sim Loaded
  44. No Starvation
  45. No Trash Memories
  46. No Welcome Home Hugs
  47. Numbered Business Ranks
  48. Pass Along to Family
  49. Pet Beds Satisfy Wants
  50. Phone Check Fix
  51. Phones For All
  52. Phone Makeover
  53. Pick Another Toy
  54. Plan Maternity Outfit
  55. Quick Bedmaking
  56. Random Job Offer
  57. Remote Dorm Doors
  58. Residential Shopping
  59. Reward Catalog
  60. Sanitary Sanity
  61. Sellable Car
  62. Shoppers Respect Privacy
  63. Simulated Sales
  64. Skill While Tinkering
  65. Slow Aging
  66. Slow Aging Controller
  67. Smustle Limited
  68. Social Group Greetings
  69. Social Kiss Cheek
  70. Spawn Objects
  71. Stay Late
  72. Stay Over Hack
  73. Step-Family Romance
  74. SW Fish Packing Station Update
  75. SW Product Packing Station Update
  76. Unbreakable Elevators
  77. Unlimited Sims
  78. Vacation Actions Limited
  79. Vampire Sleep Caller