Butler Mods

1.) Female Butler by Chris Hatch

Just generates the option to have a female butler instead of always a male.

2.) Butler Is Not A Nanny by Boiling Oil

Three different versions. One will simply stop autonomously cooking meals, the other to just simply stop feeding babies and the third will stop meddling with babies, toddlers and children all together.

3.) Apartment Butlers by Cyjon

Butlers and nannies can now enter the apartments of the people who hired them.

4.) Better Butler Meals by Cyjon

Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners. Butlers will cook meals which requires Cooking skill of 3 or more, and will choose only true group meals rather than magically getting multiple servings out of single-serve meals. Butlers will not use mini-fridges to cook, but if you can afford a butler you can certainly afford a full-sized fridge.

5.) Butler Asks To Fire by Cyjon

Butler will always ask before firing other staff. The way the game works by default, when you hire a butler he will ask if he can fire the maid, gardener, etc. Once you say yes, you can’t change your mind later. He will keep firing new staff. Under this mod, he will ask again if you hire new employees. Once you tell him not to fire the help, he will never ask again.

6.) Butler Fix by Cyjon

Fixes the “butler won’t cook” bug. Also tweaks the butler’s logic as to what “food” means, so he won’t cook so obsessively. Note that this fixes the bug where butlers wont cook at all. If you simply want them to stop cooking garbage then you need Better Butler Meals.

7.) More Butler Cooking by Cyjon

Butlers look at everyone’s hunger levels, not just residents, when deciding whether to cook.

8.) No Butler NPC Harassment

The butler will no longer dismiss NPCs who have been invited over socially.