Car Mods

1.) Sellable Car by Boiling Oil

Makes it so when you finish restoring a restorable car, you are now able to sell it immediately w/out going through the buy mode option.

2.) Lockable Garage Doors by Cyjon

Allows garage doors to be locked like other doors. The locks affects only pedestrians so cars will go in and out as normal. Designed to keep sims from walking ten miles out of their way to enter through the garage door rather than the front door they are standing next to. Since EA designed garage doors stupidly, to lock garages you have to click on a non-garage door. You will see a menu “Garage…/” that opens up a submenu with the normal lock choices. This will affect all garage doors on the lot. There is no way to lock garage doors individually. I have not included the special pet and roommate locks for garages.