Career Reward Mods

1.) Hats Don’t Change Clothes by Cyjon

Thinking Caps and Noodlesoothers no longer force sims into default clothing.

2.) No Candy Machine Failure by Cyjon

Prevents failure when using the candy machine so that it is a valuable training tool (like other career rewards) rather than a useless conversation piece.

3.) No Podium Play by Cyjon

Prevents kids from autonomously playing with politics and law podiums. Player can still direct kids to do so if the sound of children burping into microphones is desired.

4.) Resurrect-O-Nomitron Mark 2 by Cyjon

This object is a version of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron available in the Buy catalog for the bargain price of 10,000 simoleons. The old Resurrect-O-Nomitron is still available as a Paranormal reward. There are now two versions of this mod. -MaxisPersonality uses the old Maxis method of determining zombie personality. -CyjonPersonality uses the personality changes in the Zombie Personality mod. Install one or the other but not both. The Resurrect-O-Nomitron Mark 2 allows any sim to resurrect a sim normally, as a zombie, or as a vampire. There is no cost for the service. Target selection has been changed so that the tombstone must be on the lot, but the calling sim doesn’t have to know the victim. Although it can be used in normal play, it is designed to be used by a cemetery keeper who controls the fate of the dead. He doesn’t have to know them and doesn’t have to pay for them.

5.) Spy Microphone Fixes by Cyjon

Several bug fixes and tweaks of the Audio Augmenter Earpiece (the Intelligence career reward).
1. Fixes “That sounds like a great tip for getting ahead at work!” and “That sounded a bit like a ghost…” to give the proper rewards
2. Allows ghost events only if there are tombstones on the lot
3. Allow job events only if the sim has a job.
4. Chooses angry neighbors and ghosts randomly rather than picking the first one it finds