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The Harris Household

All Reg and Doris ever wanted to do was grow old together, but as they approach retirement, the shine has gone from their marriage. They raised a strapping son (now doing his military service) and settled down to a quiet life together. Then, out of the Blue, along came Janna! They barely have the energy to cope with her – fortunately she spends a lot of time in the pool next door – she wants to be a champion swimmer!

Reg and Doris own one of the 3 terraced houses. While the other houses are unoccupied, Janna has free run of the pool next door. The downside is that Reg and Doris are responsible for the gardens.

The Harris Household- Jubilee Gardens 4-6
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The Wouters

The Wouters sisters haven’t had much success in life and are hoping for a new start in Meadow Lawns rather than a lack-lustre ending. Adelheid would like to be mayor and loves parties – she’s enjoying meeting lots of new people in Meadow Lawns. Birgitta is shy and doesn’t get out much. She really wanted children and thinks about adopting to Adelheid’s dismay. “We’re too old for all that!”

– The Wouter Sisters via Willow Ln 14
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