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Jack’s Manor

Jack’s Manor is a playable lot that contains The Jackman Family 02

Lot Worth: $521,705
Bedrooms: 4
Bathroom: 6

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The Jackman Household 02

George learned business at his Dad’s knee and made the family business a force in the local economy. His parents urged him to get married and produce an heir and George duly met and fell in love with Emily Cowper. He and his sister Vera moved out of the humble family home into this imposing mansion. George married Emily and baby Susan was duly born and raised to be a true Jackman.

George and Vera expanded the businesses without any help from Emily, topped out their careers and retired. George seems to have lost his zest for business having made his million and has taken up novel writing and other interests. Vera was a late starter in the romance stakes, but is making up for lost time now. She’s pretty comfortable living with George and Emily and working in the family businesses.

Emily still thinks George is amazing, and has never shown any interest in business. Is the rest of their life together going to be a bed of roses?

Susan has struck out on her own.

The Jackman Household at Jack’s Manor
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