Children Mods

1.) Children Get Bottles by Boiling Oil

Let’s Children get bottles from the fridge and feed toddlers. However: this ONLY works for all the Maxis fridges.

2.) Curb All Auto Read To by Boiling Oil

Stops children from autonomously asking to be read to and stops teens and older Sims from autonomously reading to children. Toddlers can ask to be read to.

3.) Less Dance On Toes by Boiling Oil

Restricts the dancing on toes interactions between children and older Sims and sets requirements for them to pass in order to be able to autonomous do so.
– Will not be an option to do so if there is no stereo in room.
– If using Seasons EP or higher, Sims will won’t autonomously dance outside in Winter.
– Tuneable gender dance preferences set. The default settings allow females to autonomously dance on toes at any time, but requires males to pass at least one extra test. Minimum Music & Dance enthusiasm is set to 6, minimum Activity and Niceness are set to 5.
– Outgoing sims to dance on toes, if they make pass the minimum Outgoingness level

4.) No Welcome Home Hugs by Boiling Oil

Children will no longer rush to their parent to give them a hug when they come home from work.

5.) Children Say Goodbye by Cyjon

Allows children to say goodbye to guests.

6.) Kid Collection Fix by Cyjon

Fixes bugs causing nighttime walkbys to invite themselves into your home. Obviously night walkbys are not in the standard game so you need this fix only if you are using another mod that generates late walkbys such as Vampire Walkbys or twojeffs’ Visitor Controller.

7.) No Auto Read to Me by Cyjon

Prevents kids from constantly pestering their parents to be read to. Player can still give the order directly.

8.) No Auto Talk Through by Cyjon

Prevents sims from autonomously using “talk through” with stuffed animals. Unlike other versions of this I’ve seen, it should work with all stuffed animals (including cloned ones) not just the teddy bear.

9.) No Hyperactive Children by Cyjon

Children will no longer be in run mode after aging up from toddler.

10.) No Suck Face Pedos by Cyjon

Fixes a bug which allows Kiss/Suck Face to appear for children and toddlers.