Cleaner Gameplay Mods

1.) Genie Initialization Fix by Cyjon

Genies are not set up as NPCs correctly when they are first initialized. The most obvious effect is the Visitor Controller from Simbology will zap summoned genies if you ban adults. This bug may also leave genies open to other, more dangerous actions that can corrupt your entire game installation since the genie is an object rather than a sim. After installing this mod be sure to dismiss any currently summoned genies and resummon them to incorporate this fix.

2.) Lot Inspector by Cyjon

The Lot Inspector is Prof. von Ball, the volleyball used by crazy Knowledge sims, and can be found in buy mode under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous. To use it simply click on it in the catalog and a report will be issued. You don’t even have to place it on the lot. This allows it to be used on vacant lots so you can check them out before deletion. Fixing problems usually requires a sim to be present, so it is best to use it before a family moves out. Prof. Von Ball reports on the following problems:
Urnstones (meaning urns and tombstones) – Deleting lots with urnstones on them means deleting sims, and deleting sims is a Very Bad Thing that will destroy your neighborhood. You will need to move the urnstones off the lots either in a sim’s inventory or by clicking on the urnstone and moving it to a community lot. If you are using base game or University only, you have no way of moving urnstones off lots so you can’t safely delete these lots.
Offworld Loiterers – Sims are sometimes generated invisibly on your lot. For example when you call a sim, that sim is actually created but not put into the world, and then removed when the call is over. Sometimes offworld sims get stuck and not removed correctly. Use the batbox (ffsdebugger from MATY) to “Nuke…/Offworld Loiterers.”
Owned Businesses – Sell any sim-owned businesses before deleting the lot.
Loan Jar – If a loan jar with a positive balance is found you will be warned. This is not a dangerous issue and the lot can still be deleted safely. If you do so then the loan, but not the money, will disappear. This may not be a bad thing.

3.) Memory Fixes by Cyjon

Fixes bugs with several sim memories. The memories and associated gossip fixed are:
– Lifetime Want – Marry Off X Children
– Lifetime Want – Have X Grandchildren
– Lifetime Want – Have X Best Friends
– Have Great/Lousy Anniversary Party
This won’t fix existing memories, only new ones generated after you install the mod. Mootilda’s HoodChecker may be able to fix existing errors.