Community Lot Mods

1.) Residential Shopping by Boiling Oil

2.) Stay Late by Boiling Oil

On residential lots this mod allows non-residents to stay longer as such.
– Vampires will stay around until 5 AM. Then they split in order to be home before dawn.
– Townie Children who have NOT been invited to sleep-over, leave after 8 PM.
– Playable children who have NOT been invited to sleep over, will be picked up by their parents as usual. If the parent(s) came with the children, the whole family leaves, unless they’ve all been invited to stay. (*)
– Anyone else who has NOT been invited to stay the night, leaves when all residents are asleep.
– Anyone who HAS been invited to stay the night or to sleep-over, will ONLY leave if they’re in motive distress and can NOT resolve it as guests on the current lot.
– If there’s a home business, and the shop is currently open, teens and older visitors may stay or go as they please.

3.) Lot Unsticker by Cyjon

Sometimes when a sim goes to an owned community business lot, Live Mode is locked out and the player can only build or exit. The only way to rescue the lot is to sell the business. The Lot Unsticker is an object that may be able to re-activate Live Mode. This will fix only owned businesses on community lots. If you manage to get another type of lot stuck, say by making the only sim on the lot unselectable, then this mod can’t help. If you use this mod incorrectly you can make the situation worse, and even break the residential lot the owner lives on so you have to move out and sell the business. This is a very experimental mod. Don’t use it if you don’t know how to back up your neighborhood or if you aren’t comfortable messing with technical stuff. There is no guarantee it will fix your problem.

4.) No Community Stock Market by Cyjon

Sims who have the Investing aspiration benefit will no longer get stock market results while on community lots.