Computer Mods

1.) Chat FIFO by Cyjon

Sims on the chat list will tend towards a FIFO (First In, First Out) protocol. In other words, sims who have been in the chat room for a long time will be more likely to leave than new log ins.

2.) Chat Invite Icon Fix by Cyjon

When you invite someone over when chatting on the computer, the accept dialog will no longer show the icon of some random object.

3.) Child Computer Chat by Cyjon

Computer chat menu shows both the child list and the teen+ list.

4.) No Auto Turn Off Computer

Prevents sims from turning off computers on their own. Player can still direct sims to do so.

5.) No Email by Cyjon

Completely removes email commands (send and check) from computers. This eliminate the frequent “doesn’t have email” messages generated by sims checking autonomously, and it clears the cluttered computer menu of two useless entries.