Dancing And Music Hobby Mods

1.) Music & Dance Fixes by Boiling Oil

  • No autonomous Hula, Slap-dance or Smustle. And if these dances are performed, it must be NEAR the stereo.
  • No autonomous performances at home lots.
  • No endless waiting for sims to pick up their tip jar
  • Tippers move on after dropping their cash.
    Recommended to combine with Cyjon’s PracticePerformChanges

2.) Less Bust A Move by Boiling Oil

More reasonable expectations on the Bust a Move dance interaction. This mod now:
Enabled adult & elders to dance with teens (before teens could dance w/them but not reversed)
Minimal Active Personality points are required. This sets the minimal number of active points a sim must have to be able to do this. Lazy sims (less than 3 active points) will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Minimal Outgoing Personality points are required. This sets the minimal number of Outgoing points a sim must have to be able to do this. Shy sims (less than 3 outgoing points) will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Maximum Fatness allowed. Sets how fat a sim may be and still be allowed to Bust-A-Move. Sims with their fitness in the lower one-third of the spectrum will NOT autonomously Bust-A-Move.
Maximum Age allowed. Determines at what age sims can still autonomously do this. Adults are set to default.

3.) Smustle Limited by Boiling Oil

Everyone can autonomously smustle as much as they like on Downtown lots and Downtownies can autonomously smustle anytime, anywhere. This is meant to compliment and can be used with Music & Dance Fixes also by Boiling Oil on this page.

4.) Dance Advertising Tweaks by Boiling Oil

Balances how attractive different dances are to sims. No more constant slap dancing. This mod balances the dances to make them equally attractive to a typical sim. Sims will prefer certain dances based on personality and skill, but not as strongly as the horribly unbalanced slap dance advertising:
– Outgoing: Dance Together
– Playful: Smustle
– Charisma: Dance Solo
– Creativity: Hula
– Body: Slap Dance
Also fixes the bug in smustle that prevented it from advertising more strongly to people with high Music & Dance enthusiasm like the other dances do.

5.) Dance Near Stereo by Cyjon

Sims will now move near a stereo before doing the smustle, hula or slap dance rather than dancing to the music in their heads.

6.) No Auto Dance Kiss by Cyjon

Sims won’t do the dance kiss interaction autonomously. Player can still direct sims to do it.

7.) No Auto Perform by Cyjon

Sims will no longer perform with instruments or join performances autonomously.

8.) No Formal Piano by Cyjon

Sims no longer change to formalwear when playing the piano or violin in The Zone.

9.) No Home Buskers by Cyjon

Sims no longer place tip jars when doing the Perform action with instruments on a residential lot. Sims also will not choose Play for Tips with the violin. Tip jars will be placed if performing on a commercial lot, dorm, frat house or secret society.

10.) No Stinky Dancing by Cyjon

Greatly reduces the ridiculous hygiene drain caused by smustle, goofy dance, slap dance and hula. Slightly reduces the energy drain as well.

11.) Practice Perform Changes by Cyjon

Sims are smarter when using musical instruments and deciding between Practice and Perform. Sims follow roughly the following logic, in order of priority:
– If another sim is Performing, other sims will join the band and Perform as well.
– Sims who need Creativity for promotions will Practice
– Sims with maxed out Creativity will Perform
– Sims who meet none of the above criteria can select either mode