Dating Mods

1.) Date Bandatron Fix by Cyjon

Non-playable dates will no longer go to the the bandatron. When the playable sim pays the date is paid for as well.

2.) Date Gift Fixes by Cyjon

Fixes a host of problems with sims leaving gifts for dates. Updated for Apartment Life.
– Dates no longer tiptoe.
– Objects are left at the mailbox
– If the date can’t find a place for the object, the object is removed rather than floating in limbo
– Dates who hit any kind of problem leave than ringing the doorbell.

3.) Date Go Home by Cyjon

If you end a date on a residential lot and that date is with a townie or a sim from another lot (in other words, a non-selectable sim) then the sim will automatically go home

4.) Makeout Want Fix by Cyjon

Sims initiating make outs get the make out want satisfied at the beginning of the action rather than at the end. In the unmodified game, sims who have both the “kiss” and “make out” wants who initiate a make out get the kiss want satisfied immediately, but this sometimes causes all their wants to reroll and the make out want disappears. The target sims gets both wants satisfied right away while the initiating sims gets stiffed out of a bunch of aspiration points.

5.) Turn On/Turn Off Selection by Cyjon

Implements a more rationale approach to selection of turn ons and turn offs. This works on any newly created sim aged teen or older including townies, downtownies, and NPCs. It also works on newly aged teens, playable or not. It won’t work on CAS sims nor will it reroll the TOs for existing sims.