Education Mods

1.) Edukashun Iz Gud by Cyjon

Sims can get into any career track regardless of degree, but promotions will be limited based on education. There are no college limits on entry into the University careers such as Artist, but the maximum job level is based on the sim’s education level.
– If the Sim graduated college, maximum level is 10
– If the Sim completed two years of Uni but dropped out, max level is 7
– If the Sim didn’t go to college or dropped out before completing sophomore year, max level job is based on the final high school grade:
1.) High school grade C or better: max level is 5
2.) -D or -C Max level is 3
3.) If they flunked out max job level is 1

2.) Help Homework Owner by Cyjon

Cleans up the clutter on homework menus. Only the owner’s name will appear on the homework menu. So if you have two kids, Bart and Lisa, and you click on Bart’s homework only “Help Bart with Homework” will appear, not “Help Lisa with Homework”. Lisa has to click on her own homework to ask for help.

3.) Teaching Fix by Cyjon

Teaching commands won’t be wiped out by other commands in the queue. This affects both teaching on career objects and helping kids with their homework.