Family Mods

1.) Ask About Family by Chris Hatch

A simple plug in in the Ask menu to learn about a Sims family tree. Pictures shown/are my own examples.

2.) Kids & Pets Unattended by Boiling Oil

Parents can leave babies, toddlers and children unattended. Sims will not whine about not wanting to leave the little ones at home alone, and the Social Worker and the Animal Control Officer will stay away!

3.) Step-Family Romance by Boiling Oil

Makes it possible so that Step family is no longer recognized as family and can have romantic relationships if you so should chose to. Family interactions between step-parents and step-children remain intact. This mod includes the In-laws fix as originally created by kestrellyn@MTS2

4.) Bigger Families by Cyjon

Allows an unlimited number of sims on the lot. The one thing this mod doesn’t let you do is add sims from the neighborhood to houses which already have 8+ sims in the house.

5.) Sibling Torment by Cyjon

Noogie and Torment are negative actions which reduce relationship, but raise the instigator’s Social.