Finances & Money Mods

1.) Bigger Bills by Cyjon

Bills come more often and are much larger. Also recommended Cyjon’s Loan Jar. The Loan Jar allows you to adjust billing level from 0 (roughly Maxis level bills, but coming 6 days a week) to 6 (crazy expensive). The default level is 4 if you either don’t use Loan Jar or if you don’t adjust the initial settings. Billing changes affect the entire neighborhood (including subhoods) but not other neighborhoods. See more details for this mod in link.

2.) Loan Jar by Cyjon

An object that allows your sims to borrow money as needed. The Loan Jar appears under Misc/Misc in the catalog and looks like a tip jar. Sims can borrow money at an interest rate that defaults to 3% per day but can be set anywhere from 1% to 9%. Every morning at 7 am, the interest will be added to the total balance. All payments must be made manually. Technically, there is nothing that forces you to pay the loan. In fact you can borrow money, delete the jar, and not have to pay it back. This allows it to double as a money generator for people who need a sum of money between kaching and motherlode.

3.) Money Tree Watering Fix by Cyjon

Fixes bug where money tree water supply was not correctly updated when watered by servos or NPCs.