Fitness and Workout Mods

1.) Less Jump Rope by Boiling Oil

Tones down the level of autonomous behavior of how often Sims can jump rope. Those with Seasons or above, Sims will no longer jump rope outdoors in Winter. Sims will now always jump rope to the max level of difficulty available to them. You can configure which Sims are and aren’t allowed to jump rope by age, gender, hobby and personality.

2.) Exercise Tweaks by Cyjon

Tweaks on motive drops for exercise equipment, balancing them and getting rid of the absurd energy drops on FreeTime items.

3.) Fitness Delta Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a bug which could allow a sim’s fitness to increase without limit or to stop at an arbitrary level. Exercise activities are supposed to tell the fitness change BHAV when to stop increasing fitness, but almost all of them pass junk data instead. This routine simply ignores the parameter and automatically sets the limit for all activities to 1000, the maximum fitness possible.

4.) Jump Rope Fitness by Cyjon

Jumping rope now builds fitness. The rate is the same as a radio workout.

5.) No Auto Exercise Bike by Cyjon

Sims no longer use the exercise bike autonomously. Players can still direct sims to use it.

6.) No Fat Cam by Cyjon

No PIP when sims get fit or fat.

7.) No Weightlifting Weenies by Cyjon

Fixes typical EA stupidity which makes active sims MORE likely to quit using exercise equipment than lazy sims. You may have noticed it is hard to keep some sims using weight machines and the treadmill. Why? Because EA decided active sims should treat those machines as fun activities instead of skill-building activities. The problem with that is sims quit fun activities MUCH earlier than skill activities, so athletic sims exercise less than lazy ones.

8.) No Yoga Falls by Cyjon

Sims no longer fall when performing yoga.

9.) Yoga/Meditation Fix by Cyjon

Yoga and meditation commands will no longer drop out of the queue if the sim is not currently selected. Now you can simply stack yoga commands so sims will resume when they fall.