Food Interaction Mods

1.) No Starvation by Boiling Oil

Your Sim will never starve. Ever. Every time a sim is about to croak for lack of food, their hunger bar will be raised to the 5% full mark. Their tummy will still growl like a lion, but they won’t die!

2.) Cyjon’s Noeatcrap by Cyjon

This mod was originally created a modder named Pescado called No Eat Crap but it conflicts with Cyjon’s No Spoiled Food mod. This mod does that with a couple of tweaks/updates.
– The Active threshold has been lowered from 6 to 5, so sims of Active 5 or more will stop eating when full.
– Pregnant sims will keep eating regardless of Active level.
-EP checks which were never updated with the changes introduced by IKEA and Apartment Life

3.) No Eat Crap by Pescado

Sims (who are not fat or lazy) will no longer stuff themselves until they explode. Lazy and fat sims will continue to eat everything and thus can still become fat, because sometimes, you just want fat people. Sims who would
not eat out of a trash can will cease eating food that has gone spoiled. Sims will talk considerably less when eating, especially if they are in a hurry (because they’re tired, starving, need to pee, have more orders), or
if they’re eating without the benefit of chairs.

4.) No Food Theft by Cyjon

Sims can no longer attempt to steal leftovers or buffet dishes from other sims.

5.) No Smells Yummy by Cyjon

Prevents the “smells yummy” action