Fridge Mods

1.) Food Dish Autonomy by Boiling Oil

One of three known put away left over food mods. Designed to be compatible with MogHughson‘s version. In this version there are several updates.
– Sims sitting down will not get up to store leftovers or wash dishes.
– Any lot where there are Dorm cooks, Sims will not try to store leftovers.
– Sims will collect up to seven plates instead of the default of five.

2.) Get Leftovers Fix by Boiling Oil

Stops other Sims from taking your food once you’ve taken it out of the fridge. As of 2015 this mod has been discontinued for any tech support. Read below for other similar leftover fix mods if this doesn’t work for you like Cyjon’s No Food Theft.

3.) Apocalypse Fridge by Cyjon

A special refrigerator created for the Apocalypse Challenge. Rather than observing the “one meal per day” rule, Sims can prepare as many meals as they like but the fridge holds only 1/10 the amount of food (20 units) as a normal fridge. This allows preparation of a plate of hot dogs or 5 individual sandwiches.

4.) Cyjon’s Permafridge by Cyjon

It automatically fills all fridges at midnight & charges money for the food at the standard rate.

5.) No Refrigerator Play by Cyjon

Prevents sims from swinging on refrigerator doors

6.) Stuff Your Fat Face by Cyjon

The “Stuff Face” fridge interaction adds fat points regardless of the sim’s hunger level.