Friendship Mods

1.) Better or No Lost Friend Notifications by Boiling Oil

Two different mods. One to remove notifications when Sim friendships levels fall below 50 aka “no longer friends.” The second to shorten notifications to just read “Sim A” is no longer friends with Sim B.”

2.) Gnome Hack by Boiling Oil

This is an alternative for Monique’s Relationships Panel Remover, and it uses the code Monique developed. The only change is, whereas Monique cloned the Kozy Kitsch Gnome, this is grafted her code onto the Maxis object itself. The only advantage is: this is much smaller: only 10% of the original object.

3.) Social Group Greetings by Boiling Oil

In a default vanilla game with Apartment Life created social townies. Social class townies have their own special gestures, stories, and attires. If Sims do a gesture or tell a story corresponding their social class, they will get a relationship boost. This mod makes it so instead of guessing which social class group the Sim is in to get the appropriate relationship boost, they need to pass a series of two check points and they will automatically default greet the Social Townie with the right greeting. All others, however, will just mess about in the normal fashion, choosing the standard greeting.

4.) Social Kiss Cheek by Boiling Oil

This mod will allow you to direct your sims to kiss others, and it will have the same ‘value’ as a family kiss, in that it does not have any romantic meaning. But sims will not do this autonomously, so you’re in full control.

5.) All Walkbys by Cyjon

Makes it more likely that a walkby will be a sim you already know instead of a stranger

6.) Relationship Decay Fix by Cyjon

Fixes bug which causes game to error out when calculating the 4 pm relationship decay on very large families. If you don’t play with a mod like Bigger Families then you probably don’t need this, though it doesn’t hurt to have it. However if you play very large households with lots of friends, you should definitely get this.

7.) Reputation New Friend Fix by Cyjon

Fixes a reputation rewards bug where the game overwrites a variable, potentially befriending sims like Baby New Year.