Game Fix Mods

1.) Names by Boiling Oil

A replacement names-list (live.package) so your townies aren’t stuck with the silly, boring, repetitive Maxis names. Contains 1150 male first names, 1477 female first names, and 1844 last names (identical for males and females). This makes for a total of over 2.1 mln combinations for males, and over 2.7 mln for females.

2.) No Met Self Memories by Boiling Oil

A mod that simply prevents the “Met Self” memory to be generated, regardless of how it was caused.

3.) No Trash Memories by Boiling Oil

Removes and prevents certain memories called Trash memories from begin generated in your game automatically that can usually cause game lag. That means your sims will no longer get any Met so-and-so memories and Moved In/Out out. Biggest feature is that it prevents gossip. This mod does NOT remove memories that have already been added to your sims. It only prevents NEW memories of certain types from being added. Also suppresses the hug bug if you have it

4.) Spawn Objects by Boiling Oil

Be able to spawn mod objects while on Community Lots. IE: The Sim Blender or Sim Manipulator to name a couple. Has a list of 52 Mods that can be spawned at any given time. Simply click your Sim and choose “Spawn…” and select the desired mod.

5.) Loop Fixes by Cyjon

Fixes some of the annoying loop behaviors by blocking actions if the sim is going to quit immediately. As an example, the original behavior which inspired this mod was: get book, sit down, open book, close book, stand up, put book away, stand there a second, hey look a bookcase! Behaviors covered are read book, write in diary, watch movie, use bubble machine, play computer game, juggle bottles, play in hammock, tai chi, mah jong, llama game, slide down banister, remote control cars and helicopter, basketball court, plantsim “get a drink”, tuck in (cribs and beds), dance solo, and using the diving board if already swimming. Sims can still do these things, but will be smarter about not starting a behavior when other motives are low.

6.) No Command Reaction by Cyjon

Sims will no longer waste time reacting (positively or negatively) to user commands.

7.) Smarter EP Check by Cyjon

This mod by itself does nothing, but is a required mod among many other mods (mainly Cyjon’s) to function properly.

8.) Social Push Tweaks by Cyjon

Prevents certain social actions from pushing commands on the target right away, messing up stacked social commands. When you try to stack a bunch of social commands sometimes the target becomes stuck. This is because sometimes the game pushes the action on the target right away rather than when the command comes up in the initiating sim’s command queue. So let’s say you give the commands Gossip, Joke, Friendly Hug, Dance Together. Both sims would stand there doing nothing. This is because the game pushes Dance Together immediately so Sim A is trying to Gossip but Sim B is trying to Dance Together. This mod prevents social actions from jumping the queue and blocking commands.