Gardening Mods

1.) Customized Compost Bin by Boiling Oil

Compost bin will now hold 50 units in stead of 30, the rate at which trash is composted has been lowered by 25%, and Compost can now be sold for §5 per unit (§7 if the active sim is a member of the Garden Club). Additionally, the bin’s contents will now be shown in the pie menu. There is also an update which holds double the amount, and works twice as fast. This new bin holds 100 units, and converts a unit of trash to compost once every 4 hours.

2.) Landlords No Gardening by Boiling Oil

Landlordswill now ONLY check if there are any passed-out plantsims who need to be revived. All other garden-related tasks are suppressed.

3.) Digging Is Gardening by Cyjon

Holes in the yard will be filled by gardeners rather than maids.

4.) Easy Hydroponics by Cyjon

Plants in the hydroponic garden (Slacker career reward) will no longer die from neglect.

5.) Less Watering by Cyjon

Prevents sims from watering flowers or garden plants if the action would cause overwatering and prevents visitors from watering at all. Affects both autonomous and user-directed actions.

6.) More Composting by Cyjon

Causes anyone headed for the outdoor trash can to head for an available compost bin instead. This works for playable sims, maids, or anyone else. Note that only newspapers and trash bags will be redirected to the trash can. Other objects (dishes, baby bottles) headed to the outdoor trash will not be intercepted. This is because the compost bins errors out with these kinds of trash.

7.) Trim Inaccessible Bushes by Cyjon

Allows sims to trim bushes even if they can’t reach them.