Genie Mods

1.) Genie Initialization Fix by Cyjon

Genies are not set up as NPCs correctly when they are first initialized. The most obvious effect is the Visitor Controller from Simbology will zap summoned genies if you ban adults. This bug may also leave genies open to other, more dangerous actions that can corrupt your entire game installation since the genie is an object rather than a sim. After installing this mod be sure to dismiss any currently summoned genies and resummon them to incorporate this fix.

2.) New Genie Wishes by Cyjon

Adds new wishes to the FreeTime genie.
1- Metamorphosis – Cause or cure any paranormal state (zombie, vampire, werewolf, plantsim, witch).
– Zombie will use my Zombie Personality rather than EA defaults. There was no clean way to support both short of actually killing and raising the sim, which seemed a tad extreme, and I’m not going to release two versions of this mod.
– Un-zombie will repair personality damage, but not skill damage since there is no way to know how much was done.
2- Personality – Changes one personality characteristic to either the minimum or maximum. Changes both current and genetic personality.
3- Disease – This package contains two wishes:
– Immunity: Cures the sim of all diseases other than morning sickness, and makes the sim immune to any future diseases.
– Cure The Plague: Cures all diseases, except for morning sickness, throughout the neighborhood. Also cleans up any contagion on the current lot, but sims on other lots may become re-infected during the first 30 game minutes of play.
4- Business Success – Applies a steady positive pressure to customer satisfaction, making it easier to get to level 10. The wish must be made by the business owner while on the business property. The wish will last as long as the business has the same owner. At this point this works only on home businesses because I’m a dummy and never tested it on a commercial property, and you can’t use the genie lamp on a commercial lot! I’ll fix that someday.
The mod also contains these features:
– The bug fix in Genie Initialization Fix so you don’t need that mod if you have this one.
– Children can wish for Wealth.
– Children can wish for the Power To Cheat Death. If the child dies, the begging animations are a bit wonky. The child will appear and disappear during the sequence, but in the end will be restored to life correctly. This is a bug with child ghosts in the game I probably won’t ever fix.

3.) Peace of Mind Fix by Cyjon

Using the genie to wish for Peace of Mind no longer also gives credit for maximizing a business. Updated with important fix for players with FreeTime who are using Fragile Permaplat.