Ghost mods

1.) Control Ghosts & memorial picture by Chris Hatch

Make ghosts controllable and come out at any time of day, no longer just at night! Even if you don’t physically want to control the ghost, hauntings can now happen in the day.

2.) Ghost Busters by Boiling Oil

Two slightly different mods.
Ghosts-Be-Gone alters the routine that determines whether a ghost should spawn to haunt the place. With this mod in place, ghosts should NEVER appear.
Grimmy-Be-Gone short-circuits the Grim Reaper. When someone dies, their Tombstone will appear immediately, without the whole GR game-show.

3.) Cyjon’s Ghost Hack by Cyjon

This mod is a direct evolution of Ghost Hack by twojeffs which allows you to selectively stop ghosts from scaring sims or only scare knowledge sims among other things to make ghost less annoying. This mod also add features like
– Servos running amok who are “scared to death” rather than dying.
– Nice Sims who died will be less angry while grouchy ghosts will be more angry.
– Fixes several bugs that prevents ghosts from haunting tombstones/destroying them/shredding character data & corrupting your neighborhood. Contains smaller fixes that allows angry ghosts to visit the cowplant, and reversed coding that now allows Nice & Neat ghosts to create less messes.
– Creates cleaner ghosts by happier ghosts are more likely to clean.
– Plantsims & Servos are no longer immune to death by fright, Sims are less likely to die from fright.
– Less Flooding, limits the number of puddles drowning ghosts can create.
– Ghosts can successfully scare sleeping Sims
– Ghosts will not wake Sims by merely being in the same room but they can wake Sims when complaining about a missing object.
– Scaring frequency & intensity based on a number of factors including personality & relationship with the target & type of death. Scares drain all motives, including Platsims Sunshine & Servo Power. Scares are random instead of picking a single person.
– More Ghosts on Community Lots. Bans ghosts younger than teen because the animations for children/toddler are broken or missing. Drowning Ghosts are a little easier to see.