Harvestable Mods

1.) More Realistic Yields by Boiling Oil

It changes the yields of all fruit trees, to give 40 units per harvest. It also changes Apples to be no more nutritious than Lemons and Oranges, and it alters their prices to conform to normal food: §2 per food point.

2.) SW Product Packing Station Update by Boiling Oil

This is a big mod but it corrects the station and crates to a price setting more in line with normal food: a crate of Eggplants will sell for §240, Cucumbers, Strawberries and Pole Beans for §160, and the others for §80 a crate. That’s still §2/food point, pus 11% extra for packing them. For this mod to work, you’ll still need the original from SimWardrobe

3.) Harvest Fix by Cyjon

Fixes an AL-introduced bug which causes crops to hang around as long as an hour after harvest.