Health, Illness and Sickness Mods

1.) Immunity Controller by Boiling Oil

Removes illness from supernatural Sims such as Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Plantsims and Servos. Plant Sims will no longer be able to catch poison ivy. Also (separately) available – Allergy Controller. Does for allergies what the Immunity Controller does for sickness, and also prevents hoverbots (even custom ones as available at SimWardrobe, for example) from sneezing. Allergy Controller has its own BCON to configure allergies for your sims.

2.) Biotech Fix by Cyjon

Makes the biotech station train logic continuously rather than producing medicine that is bugged so doesn’t cure sickness anyhow. Sims can use it for hours just like other training objects. It will produce a vial of medicine at the end, but it will be junk medicine that can only be disposed of. Never produces medicine that will make sims sick.

3.) Carpool Warning Fix by Cyjon

Sims who are sick or in first stage of pregnancy will now get carpool warnings. I have no idea why the game was designed to suppress them – even if you call in sick you still need to know when to do so.

4.) Faster Disease Processing by Cyjon

Disease recovery will no longer slow to a crawl if multiple sims are sick. Every once in a while the disease controller looks at a sim to see if a disease should get better or worse. This check is done every 60 minutes + 0-60 minutes per sick sim in the house. Then every six cycles it applies the cumulative changes to the disease severity. The problem is that these cycles get longer very quickly when you have multiple sick sims in the house, eventually reaching a critical point where sims simply can’t recover as fast as they get reinfected by other sims. This mod shortens the processing time so it is nearly unaffected by the number of sick sims on the lot. Each cycle will be 60 minutes plus 1-5 minutes per sick sim, so will be slightly longer than an hour regardless of the number of sick sims.

5.) Frequent Disease Processing by Cyjon

Disease severity will be updated every cycle rather than every six cycles. The game periodically looks at sick sims and determines whether the disease should get better or worse. The space between these checks in an unmodified game averages 60 minutes + 30 minutes per sick sim. However rather than changing the disease severity immediately, it applies cumulative changes every six cycles or about every 9 hours if there is one sick sim in the house. This mod changes things so changes are applied every cycle. Disease will get small changes every hour or so rather than large changes every 9+ hours. The total change over time will be the same. This makes diseases both more and less fatal. Sims will recover a bit faster since they don’t have to wait for the next six-cycle break to be told they are better. On the other hand, sims who pass the lethal level will die immediately rather than having the chance to rest and get severity down. Overall it balances out.

6.) Less Coughing by Cyjon

Halves the duration of coughing fits caused by pneumonia or other illnesses.

7.) School Sick Days by Cyjon

Sick sims can stay home from school without penalty. If a student (child or teen) is sick, then the bus will still come but the “go to school” command will not be pushed on the sick kid. It will be pushed on any healthy students in the house. There will be no grade penalty for sick students who skip school, even if they get better before the day ends.