Hobby Mods

1.) Hobby Age Limits by Cyjon

Limits maximum hobby enthusiasm by age. Toddlers are limited to an enthusiasm of 2, children 4, and teens 6. Everyone else gets the normal limit of 10. Among other things, this prevents the problem of sims getting high enthusiasm as children and not being given hobby lot memberships, which are given only to teens or older.

2.) Hobby Friend Sanity by Cyjon

Fixes the “child bringing creepy old man home from school” issue. Sims who bring home friends due to hobby cards will bring only sims of the same age group. If nobody of the right enthusiasm can be found, it will force a townie to have the appropriate hobby.

3.) No Effects by Cyjon

Removes several of the game’s visual effects such as floating notes by stereos.
-Zone eliminates the glow and sound from being in The Zone.
-DJBooths eliminates visual effects for DJ booths. It affects EA booths only, not custom DJ booths. This is separate from Stereo because it uses a different technique. You must also get DJ Booth Fixes for this piece to work. If you should remove this particular piece of the mod, you’ll need to sell and rebuy all your DJ booths to get visual effects back.
-Stereo eliminates the floating musical notes and speaker vibrations from all stereos (including custom ones), the karaoke machine, and the modular synth.

4.) No Hobby Animations by Cyjon

Gets rid of all the hobby idle animations like dance stretches or stomach rubbing.

5.) No Hobby Plaque by Cyjon

Sims no longer get hobby plaques when maxing out enthusiasm.

6.) School Hobby Friend Fix by Cyjon

Fixes broken school-hobby friend system. Children and teens get hobby cards that say they will bring home friends from school, and then come home alone because EA never added the hobby friend check. This fixes that.