Hygiene & Water Mods

1.) Communal Shower by Cyjon

Allows teens to use communal showers from University without shooing. It can be used with Bathroom Uses You but Pescado has his own age check in there so won’t allow communal showering for teens. It can be fixed with instructions in the link.

2.) Dirty Hot Tubs by Cyjon

Hot tubs don’t increase hygiene except for plantsims.

3.) Faster Zits by Cyjon

Teens develop acne in half the time. This scales the pimple timeline to fit the shorter lifespan of 8 Day Teens

4.) Flush Puke by Cyjon

Sims who throw up for any reason will flush the toilet after.

5.) Hot Tub Entry Logic by Cyjon

Sims will be smarter about entering hot tubs. Sims won’t get into tubs autonomously if fun and comfort (and hygiene for plantsims) are maxed. Sims won’t get in at all (even if player-directed) if it is raining and the hot tub is outside.

6.) Hot Tub Exit Logic by Cyjon

Sims are smarter about leaving hot tubs and are less likely to soak in them all day. Sims will leave hot tubs if any of the following is true:
– Motives are failing
– It is raining and hot tub is outside
– If sim got in hot tub autonomously, will exit once comfort and fun (and hygiene/water for plantims) are all maxed.

7.) Less Primping by Cyjon

Sims will no longer autonomously do the Primp action if they have high hygiene (since it doesn’t help), low hygiene (since they should be showering) or are vampires (since it hurts them).

8.) More Sloppy Sims by Cyjon

Raises the Neat threshold for salvaging from the garbage, eating from the garbage or eating spoiled food (meaning it will happen a bit more often). The default is to allow these actions to sims of Neat 0 or Neat 1. The problem is none of the default zodiacs have Neat below 2 so game-generated sims will never exhibit these behaviors.

9.) No Auto Hand Washing by Cyjon

Since hand washing has a negligible effect on hygiene and really just wears out the plumbing, this prevents autonomous washing of hands.

10.) No Hot Tub Suicide by Cyjon

Sims will not get into hot tubs if there is danger of a lightning strike, even if directed to do so by the player

11.) No Wash Clean Hands by Cyjon

Designed specifically to fix an annoyance when using both Bathroom Uses You from MATU & Always Flush Toilet/Wash Hands from Simbology.

12.) Sponge Bath Fix by Cyjon

Sims will autonomously take sponge baths only if there are no bathtubs or showers on the property. Player can direct sponge baths at any time.