Job Mods

1.) Random Job Offer by Boiling Oil

Changes the default settings of how many chances of job offers you’ll receive when a Sim is looking for work on either a computer or in the newspaper. For instance the default settings in a newspaper is always 3 jobs and a computer is 5. This randomizes your chances. The percentages are rough estimates of:

0 jobs: 40%
1 job: 17.5%
2 jobs: 12.5%
3 jobs: 11%
4 jobs: 10%
5 jobs: 9%
0 jobs: 50%
1 job: 21%
2 jobs: 16%
3 jobs: 13%

2.) Carpool Warning Fix by Cyjon

Sims who are sick or in first stage of pregnancy will now get carpool warnings. I have no idea why the game was designed to suppress them – even if you call in sick you still need to know when to do so.

3.) Job Stopinator by Cyjon

Put this object in a sim’s inventory, and that sim will no longer get promotions. Any sim with this object in inventory will be unable to raise job performance high enough to allow promotion. This is true regardless of mood, platinum status, or the Industrious vacation benefit. Sims who already have performance above this level will have it pushed down below promotion limit at the beginning of the next work day. If the sim is already at work when this object is placed in inventory, promotion is still possible. Performance is adjusted by the stopinator only when the sim starts the work day. There are three files in the zip. You definitely need the main “CJ-JobStopinator” file. The other two are optional.

4.) Job Typo Fixes by Cyjon

Fixes typos in the job titles. IE: There is no such word as “restauranteur” in any language that I know of. The correct term is “restaurateur”.

5.) Less Late Penalty by Cyjon

Being late for work is no longer worse than skipping the day entirely. In the unmodified game, if you are late three times you are automatically fired. Yet you can miss three consecutive days of work without vacation and suffer a significant performance penalty but keep your job. So it’s actually better to blow off work than to go in an hour late. Under this mod, being late imposes 80% of the performance penalty for missing the entire day. You can still be fired for low performance, but can no longer be fired for being late three days.

6.) Lower Wages by Cyjon

Reduces wages to bring the inflated salaries for jobs in the expansion packs in line with the base game. University jobs have their salaries reduced by 40%. Seasons and Free Time jobs have salaries reduced by 20%.

7.) No Return Home Animation by Cyjon

Prevents Family sims from standing at the curb and spending half an hour announcing to the world they are home from work.

8.) Reputation Job Sanity by Cyjon

Townies offer jobs in their current career track. Townies without jobs won’t offer one.

9.) Townie Job Blocker by Cyjon

You can give townies, downtownies and social group sims the Job Stopinator to prevent them from getting jobs.

10.) Townie Job Fix by Cyjon

Allows townies to have any job rather than being restricted to jobs from the base game.