Life and Death Mods

1.) Deadly Satellites by Cyjon

Increases the chance of satellite death. Under normal circumstances the game checks for death by satellite only once when a sim watches clouds or stargazes. If the sim survives this first check, there is no further danger. This mod checks for satellite death every batch of 5-24 animation cycles, or roughly once every 30 game minutes. It uses the same 1% chance so that means it takes an average of 50 hours of cloud watching to get nailed by a satellite, but at least it’s possible to force a satellite death should you wish to for story or general sadism purposes.

2.) Electrocution Fix by Cyjon

Fixes motive check errors in determining death by electrocution, and correctly accounts for servo and plantsim motives. The bugged game code checked Comfort and Energy multiple times rather than also checking the other four motives drained (Hygiene, Bladder, Comfort and Fun). The sim will die if any two of these motives drop below -90. For servos & plant sims, under this fix electrocution will drain Social for these two types of sims (but not other sims), and will drain Sunshine for plantsims. These sims will die if any one of their three motives drop below -90. Note that using this mod makes the world a bit more dangerous for servos and plantsims since they had previously been immune to electrocution death due to a lack of Comfort or Energy motives (the servo Power motive is not the same as Energy).

3.) Grim Multi-Reaping Fix by Cyjon

Fixes an obscure and non-critical bug with the Grim Reaper. If two or more people die simultaneously and any sim after the first one reaped has low aspiration, then Grim loses track of his scythe, throws an error and disappears. How non-critical is this bug? The game simply resummons him and he finishes the job so you won’t even realize there is anything wrong unless you play in debug mode and have to click the reset button. Still, a bug is a bug.

4.) No Auto Urn Cleanup by Cyjon

Prevents sims from cleaning up urns autonomously. Cleaning up smashed urns is like deleting tombstones — a big no-no that can lead to neighborhood corruption. This mod prevents sims from doing so automatically, though you can still direct them to if you want to break your hood. Note that macrotastics “Macro/Clean” might still push the clean command.

5.) No Life Insurance by Cyjon

No money will be paid out when sims die of old age.

6.) Resurrect-O-Nomitron Mark 2 by Cyjon

This object is a version of the Resurrect-O-Nomitron available in the Buy catalog for the bargain price of 10,000 simoleons. The old Resurrect-O-Nomitron is still available as a Paranormal reward. There are now two versions of this mod. -MaxisPersonality uses the old Maxis method of determining zombie personality. -CyjonPersonality uses the personality changes in the Zombie Personality mod. Install one or the other but not both. The Resurrect-O-Nomitron Mark 2 allows any sim to resurrect a sim normally, as a zombie, or as a vampire. There is no cost for the service. Target selection has been changed so that the tombstone must be on the lot, but the calling sim doesn’t have to know the victim. Although it can be used in normal play, it is designed to be used by a cemetery keeper who controls the fate of the dead. He doesn’t have to know them and doesn’t have to pay for them.

7.) Seated Aging Fix by Cyjon

Sims can no longer avoid death by sitting in a chair. The game refuses to automatically age up people who are sitting or lying down. This is most obvious when sims are supposed to die of old age. Grim won’t come until the sim is standing. This means that technically sims can live forever by simply never getting out of a chair.