Meadow Lawns Neighborhood Overview

Meadow Lawns is a divided by three islands and subsections.

Willow Lane meanders along one of the islands lined with small, rural bungalows. A lot of elderly Sims have lived here all their lives and it’s a peaceful place. It’s also a cheap place to live and one or two younger couples have recently moved in.

This island is the playground of the wealthy though some of the occupants of these big houses are down on their luck these days.

The marshy isthmus connecting the island to the mainland is the major scientific discovery and the army has setup a secret camp to investigate. The influx of Sims and money has led to a property boom and a lot of businsses have sprung up on a reclaimed swamp land.

A lot of the Meadow Lawns isthmus is marshy, but proximity to the growing army base is fueling hopes of a property boom and the land has been divided into plots for sale.