Misc Home Mods

1.) Unbreakable Elevators by Boiling Oil

This mod prevents all elevators from breaking when sims enter or woohoo.
The shop version also stops elevators from breaking on community lots as well.

2.) Dumb In Use Test by Cyjon

Sims will be stupider about deciding if an object is in use…which is a good thing. Many actions use a “smart” in use test where a sim can tell an object is in use only if it’s in view. While this is realistic, it leads to silly situations. A sim is able to tell a shower is dirty from ten miles away, but as he climbs the stairs he doesn’t hear the water running, doesn’t care about the closed bathroom door, doesn’t see the steam coming out from underneath, and then is shocked to find his wife taking a shower. He exits, stands in the hall for a second, and then tries to clean the dirty shower again. And again. And again. With this mod, sims always know if an object is in use and will waste less time trekking across the lot for futile actions. This has no effect on player-directed actions.

3.) Frame Of Preference Fix by Cyjon

Correctly marks the “Frame Of Preference” from Mansions & Gardens as an arch rather than a door. Without this fix, the arch can be “locked” and makes a door open/close sound as people walk through it.

4.) Less Trash Duty by Cyjon

Prevents autonomous “take out trash” unless bin is at least half full. Lowers trash threshold on owned business lots so sims can take out trash before customers complain