Mods By Category

Here you will find mods by category & function that you are looking to use in your game. Next to each category you will find a list of how many mods you can expect to find in that category.

You may see duplicate mod listings as some of them will fit into multiple categories. For example, you may find some anti-redundancy mods listed in other categories as well as they serve both purposes.

+ 18 Mods5 Mods Listed

Anti-Redundancy1 Mod Listed

Aging Mods5 Mods Listed

Aspiration Mods 17 Mods Listed

Autonomous Mods

Beta & Testing Mods

Camera/CAS Mods2 Mods Listed

Cleaner Gameplay Mods3 Mods Listed

Clothing Mods4 Mods Listed

Community Lot Mods4 Mods Listed

Education Mods3 Mods Listed

Electronics2 Mods Listed

Emergency/Crime & Ethical Mods

Family Mods5 Mods Listed

Finances & Money Mods3 Mods Listed

  • See Work/Job & OFB related mods at the bottom of this page

Food Mods2 Mods Listed

Game Fix Mods8 Mods Listed

Genetic Mods

  • Hider’s & Slider Mods

Global Mods1 Mod Listed

Health, Illness & Sickness Mods 7 Mods Listed

Hobby Mods6 Mods Listed

Holiday & Celebration Mods

Home Mods

Hygiene & Water Mods12 Mods Listed

Misc Mods2 Mods Listed

Nature Mods6 Mods Listed

Needs Mods3 Mods Listed

Neighborhood Mods

NPC Mods5 Mods Listed

Pet Mods

Privacy Mods1 Mod Listed

Social Mods

Skill Mods

Supernatural Mods

University Mods

Vacation Mods4 Mods Listed

Weather Mods3 Mods Listed

Work Mods

Writing Mods4 Mods Listed